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Research and Reference Links

Handilinks — This site is a tremendous way to find information on any subject…must see!!
World Wide Web Virtual Library — Just plain unbelievable!
JournalismNet — A must for anyone who is conducting research
The Virtual Reference Desk — Don't miss this one
Digital Librarian — Fantastic collection of links from almost any subject area
My Virtual Reference Desk Facts Page — If you have plenty of time and want to learn a ton, try visiting this site
Education Index (by Subject) — Another excellent homework helper site with wonderful links…Try it!
Suite 101 — A virtual card catalogue of any subject you can think of — This is your chance to ask experts about your homework questions
FindTutorial — A really cool site that lists all kinds of neat online tutorials
Rivendell Educational Archive — Math, Science, English and other subjects…a fun site to visit
Purdue University Reference Desk — Another great place to visit
Martindale's Reference Desk — A very exciting site to find science and math information
The Net's Educational Resource Center — All kinds of great links on many topics…well worth exploring
American Fact Finder — Census statistics galore from the U.S. Census Bureau
Fast Facts — Facts, facts and more facts…you've got to see this site
Searchable Newspaper and Magazine Archive — Search through past articles — Search for information from magazine article archives — Another nice place to search for magazine articles
Kids Web — A world-wide digital library…powerful but be patient, it can be slow at times
U.S Patent Office — Search for any patent since 1971…this one is a lot of fun!
Etymology List — Want to know what your first name means?…then try this site
The Washington Business Glossary — Business terms defined from A to Z
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet — If you want to be busy until the year 2000, you have to try this one…huge site!
Emily Post's Etiquette for all Occasions — Wonderful etiquette resource
Better Homes and Gardens Home Improvement Encyclopedia — Great for adults who have to do their home-work
Edmunds Automobile Buyer's Guide — Go here for reviews and prices before buying a car — Dad loves this home repair site
HouseNet — Another really nice home and garden site
Robert's Rules of Order (Summarized) — Everything you need to know to conduct a meeting
Dictionary of Scientific Quotations
The Geography of Religion Website — An excellent site to learn about major religions — All kinds of religious statistics and information
Bible History On-line — Very comprehensive…worth checking out
The Catholic Encyclopedia
A Basic Dictionary of American Sign Language Terms — Very nice site
Animated American Sign Language Dictionary — This is a great way to learn basic sign language words
Sign Language Resources — A great collection of sign language resources
Calculate when the Sun/Moon rise/fall 
Financial & Mortgage Calculators — Just about every kind of financial calculator you could ever dream of
Education Search — A free college and career education portal

Trade Schools

Biographies — The Encyclopedia Britannica on-line…Absolutely terrific!
Encyclopedia Smithsonian
Columbia Encyclopedia — Another very nice encyclopedia
My Virtual Encyclopedia — Need to know something about everything?…nice site
Infoplease Encyclopedia and Dictionary — Cool encyclopedia…great for school papers
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy — My dad loves this site
Acronym and Abbreviation Searcher — Here you will find out that CIA has more than one meaning
Acronym Finder — Another very nice acronym finder
History of… — Fascinating site with A to Z links from anything from the history of airplanes to the history of zoos
Encyclopedia of World Biography — Detailed biographical data about the most famous people of the world

Finding People and Businesses

General English

My Virtual Desk Reference - Books and Literature on the Net
Spark Notes — An on-line study guide like Cliff Notes
NovelGuide — Literary analysis of popular novels…really good — Another cool site with summaries of novels — Another nice study guide site for novels
GradeSaver — Summaries of classic novels
Online Literary Criticism Collection — Critical reviews of many literary works
Glossary of Literary Terms — All kinds of literary terms are defined here
Debate Central — Everything you ever wanted to know about debating — A fun site for both teacher and students…try it out
Critical Thinking Web Page — A very interesting site…worth checking out
Learn2 Write a Speech — Need to write a speech?…try this site
Great Writers and Poets — Wonderful links to biographies and works of writers and poets
LSU Author Webliography — Want to know information about any author?…try this
Authors on the Web — A wonderful collection of biographical sketches of authors 
Bibliography Help
Citing Electronic Resources — Bibliography format when citing from the Internet
Citation Styles Online — A very neat looking site with good information on different citation styles
More on Citing Electronic Resources — Many nice links on citing information found from all kinds of sources
Bibliography Assistance — Need help in completing a bibliography?…then try this!
Introduction to Basic Legal Citation — Learn how to cite any legal work…Excellent!
Shakespeare On-line — A really cool Shakespeare resource
Shakespeare Bookshelf — Another one of Bill's sites…all of his works
Shakespeare Resource Center — Nicely done
Absolute Shakespeare — Very comprehensive Shakespeare site
The On-line Books Page — Over 1,500 books on-line
Gutenberg Literature — Many excellent books on-line
The Great Books Homepage — Shame on you if you don't try this one (Malaspina University)
The Internet Public Library — Yup, even more books on-line
Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet
The English Server — Terrific site to find books
Classics on Line — Works by Homer, Aristotle, Plato and others
Helping Your Child Learn to Read — Great resource for parents.
On-line Children's Stories — Wonderful site
Children's Books and Folktales — A very nice collection of downloadable stories and tales
Jack Lynch's Grammar and Style Notes — Problems with grammar? Check it out
Big Dog's Grammar — A "bare bones" guide to grammar
Purdue On-line Writing Lab — Need to know what punctuation to use where? Great site!
Elements of Style by William Strunk — Great grammar site
Darling's Guide to Grammar and Good Writing — Excellent grammar site
On-line English Grammar
Bluebook of Grammar and Punctuation — Worth reviewing
Common Proofreading Symbols — Now you will know what your English teacher means when she corrects your papers
The UVic Writers Guide — A wonderful guide for writers from the University of Victoria — Try it!
Rensselaer Writing Center — Info on writing memos, cover letters, resumes, lab reports…GREAT
Principles of Composition — How to be an expert writer
A+ Research and Writing for High School and College Students — If you need to do a term paper or research paper, this is the place to be…Great!
A Basic Guide to Writing an Essay — Good information on essay writing
Of Gods and Men — The A to Z guide to mythology and legend…real good
Myths and Legends — The super site of myths and legends…do not miss this one
Bulfinch's Mythology — If you are into ancient gods and heroes, you'll need to wear your seat belt for this one
Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World — Very nice site
Poems For All Occasions — Lots of great poetry links.
Columbia University Bartleby Library — Many poems and quotations from famous authors
The Literary Web — A wonderful collection of literature geared towards readers of poetry and fiction
The Poetry Archives — Find poems written by all kinds of poets
WordCentral.Com — An incredibly fun grammar and word site for elementary and middle school students
Readers's Digest Word Power — Test your vocabulary skills
Word Jumbles — Enter a scrambled word…this site will unscramble it…really cool 
World Wide Words — Meaning of words and phrases...quite interesting
The Puzzle Depot — A nice crossword puzzle site with links to other nice sites
Puzzlemaker — Make your own word puzzles…an incredibly fun site by
Word Play — Great site with many word site links
Bartlett Familiar Quotations — Just type in a key word and you'll find a ton of quotes
The Quotations Page — Looking for famous quotes? … give this a try
Quotations Home Page
Quotations Center — Find a quote for special occasions
Famous Quotations Network — Quotes, quotes and more quotes
Foreign Languages for Travelers — A great place to find words for about 30 different languages from Travlang
Dictionaries and Translators — Can be slow to load, but has MANY foreign language dictionaries
Vocabulary Training — Cool vocab site for German, Spanish, and French students!
Alta Vista Translation Service — Great way to translate words from many different foreign languages…many thanks to the Sullivan's — Translate into six different languages…cool!
The Language Learning Resource Center at Carnegie Mellon University — Great language site
The Internet Dictionary Project — An excellent multi-foreign language dictionary
The Human Language Page — Definitely worth the visit…betcha you can find ANY language here
Yahoo Human Language and Linguistics Page — Everything you need to know about any language

Learning the Arabic Language — A basic course in the Arabic Language
The French Page — French literature, vocabulary, etc. — Nice site
French for Beginners — A good starter site
The French Tutorial — Very nice tutorial…take note teachers!
French ( — Wonderful resource…all kinds of nice French links
First Year French Resources — Nice resource for beginners
German-English Dictionary (Travlangs)
German Language ( — A comprehensive site recommended by one of our fans from Germany
Learn Japanese - Japanese lessons for beginners
Reading Japanese — Neat way to learn how to read Japanese

Health and Physical Education
PE Central — A must see for physical education teachers
Health World Online — Good information on fitness and healthy living| — A great health site by Discovery
Prevention's Healthy Ideas — Great fitness site…you'll want to visit this one
KidsHealth — Great health site for kids
Health Facts Article Index — Collection of health articles from the American Fitness Professionals Associates
Bodies in Motion…Minds at Rest — If you are thinking of getting into a routine you definitely want to visit this site
FitnessLink — Excellent fitness and nutritional information…a must visit
Walking — Many excellent links on walking to refer to here
Nutrition Facts on Popular Fast Food Restaurant Items — Check out the number of calories in your fast food burger
Decatur Sports Page Soccer Drills — Every soccer coach and player should see this site
Volleyball Magazine — Great site for volleyball players and coaches
Ask Dr. Math — Dr. Math to the rescue
The MathPage — This is a really great site from Manhattan Community College…a must see for people looking for basic math skills
Dan's Math@Home Page — Really great basic math skills here
Basic College Mathematics — Interactive math problems…very good
Math — Very nice site with word problems for students grades 1-5
WebMath — I use this for my math homework…it's great! Homework Help — Great help with pre-algebra, algebra and geometry
AAA Math — If you want to have fun learning math, then try this site
Math for Morons Like Us — Don't be insulted by the title…it is really cool!
Cool — Definitely cool!
Frank Potter's Science Gems - Mathematics — Don't miss Mr. Potter's sites
QuickMath — Great for solving equations for algebra and calculus
The Math Forum — Wonderful math page with many math links and information
Topics in Mathematics — Math Archives — You will find just about any kind of math here
Math Subjects — Good information on algebra, calculus, trig, geometry and statistics
Harcourt Animated Math Glossary — A definitely cool glossary of math terms
Pre-Algebra — A great primer for algebra…check it out
Algebra Problems On-Line — Very nice site
Abstract Algebra On-line — Great site for advanced high school or college students
Introduction to Algebra — Nice intro site
SOS Math (Algebra) — A very nice algebra site — This is a really cool algebra resource…try it!
Understanding Algebra — An excellent algebra resource
College Algebra Tutorial — Excellent for college students
IMO Interactive Mathematics On-Line — Great Algebra and Geometry information here
Interative Algebra — If you are taking algebra, you have to visit this site
Algebra Worksheet Generator — Want to make your own algebra worksheets?
Calculus@Internet Homepage
Graphics forthe Calculus Classroom
Calculus Lecture Notes — Great Site from the University of Toronto
Karl's Calculus Tutor — Very nice site…worth the visit if you are into calculus
A+ Math — This site is great fun for elementary and middle school students
Rick's Math Web — Worksheets and basic math tips…great for lower grades
Electronic Flash Cards for Kids — Learn math the with electronic flash cards…great for kids
Superkids Math Worksheets — Creates math problems for elementary and middle school students…don't miss this one
Worksheet Maker — Great way to make math worksheets…try it!
Geometry Formulas and Facts — Nice geometry site
Geometry Center Search Page — Type in a geometry term and watch the results…WOW!
Basics in Geometry — Wonderful introductory site to geometry…must see!
The Geometry Junkyard — Even math haters love this site
Euclid's Elements — Very good site…Great review of definitions and postulates
Dave's Math Tables — Don't miss this site with all kinds of math formulas
The Metric System and Unit Conversion
Math Index — A terrific index of math terms from George Mason University
Favorite Mathematical Constants — Pi, Logarithms, etc. — Great site for serious math students
Multimedia Math Activities — From algebra to pre-calculus…Teachers take note!…Requires Shockwave
Mark Harden's Artchive— Mark has done his homework…a very nice art gallery Museum of Art — One of the most comprehensive art sites we have seen….
Carol Jackson Presents Fine Art — Any artist (and paintings) are listed here
Artcyclopedia — Yup…another great art gallery
Web Museum — Find an artist, any artist
National Gallery of Art — Beautiful paintings can be seen on this site…very nice!
Art History Resources on the Web — Tons and tons of sites on art history.
K-12 Resources for Music Educators — This is a wonderful site for serious music lovers
The Internet Piano Page — Stop and listen to some beautiful classical music
Classical Musical Page — Music history and biographies…very nice site
Eric's Treasure Trove of Music — What can we say?…Eric's site is tremendous
Music Education at DataDragon — Learn how to read music and much more…Excellent!
The Greatest Films — You'll love this site if you like movies…
Popular Songs in American History — A very nice cool site…try it. — Song lyrics - rock rap country music, mp3 downloads plus music news and trivia.